Faiz & Wife Caricature

Faiz & wife's wedding caricature. Their theme colour is white.

Final output. Design collaboration with bridegroom himself.

Happy Eid Mubarak 2012!

A bit late to post this, but yeah SELAMAT HARI RAYA!

I depicted myself flying back to my hometown which is in the peninsular Malaysia. Peninsular Malaysia or West Malaysia was known back then as Malaya.

Drawn using Wacom Intuos4 + Manga Sudio + Adobe Photoshop CS5

Music: Yuna - Raya Oh Yeah

Wedding Cartoon

Hi, it's quiet a while since my last post.. been busy with life and responsibilities.

this caricature was drawn based upon my friend's request for his wedding invitation card.

Doodler Girl

Drawn using Manga Studio + Wacom Intuos4


I'm always wondering what happened if Hang Tuah meet a giant robot?

Drawn using Manga Studio + Adobe Photoshop CS5 + Wacom Intuos 4

Doodling doodles

Drawn with Manga Studio + Wacom Intuos4

Jalak Character Design

Animation character design of Jalak and his friends.

Double Celebration!

Happy Eid-ul Fitr and Malaysia's 54th celebration of independence day!!

AutoCity !

Visualizing concept.

Media: Digital photo + Adobe PS3 + Wacom Intuos4 + lots of coffee!


not much, just sneak peak on my current project.. and its unfinished yet.

media: Adobe PS3, Wacom Intuos4

Illustration Friday- Winter

Somewhere in Japan

A 'civilization clash' between Japan Snow monkeys and Hibagon!

The snow monkeys are the most northerly non-human primate in the world. They favorite while spending the winter when temperatures drop to below freezing and snow covers their habitat - warming up in the volcanic hot springs. While 'Hibagon' is a mysterious creature equivalent to Yeti and Sasquatch.

I wonder how these species will react if they are meet with each other..

medium: Intuos4 Wacom tablet + Photoshop CS3

Music: Aizat-Sungai Lui

Nelumbo Nucifera

Sacred Lotus or scientifically nelumbo nucifera

Academic Lesson no.1:
observe and gather your primary data from the subject itself, and don't rely on other easy source of information ( internet off course!). This process is the most crucial criteria to determine whether your research paper is a valid academic research or just a pile of scrap!

medium: charcoal sticks + soft pastels + drawing pen + graphic marker, on boxboard and A3 papers

music: M83-We Own the Sky