Fables 10 - The Good Prince

Recently I've fallen in luv with these,- Fables comic book series, although I only has 1 out of 11 series. Fables 10- The Good Prince. Hehe, yeah i know i'm quiet so last century. Fables is a Vertigo comic book series written by the genius Mr. Bill Willingham. Well, in a rough synopsis the comic's entitled has reflected the comic's all about-fables. Bill Willingham creatively has twisted and highly exaggerated many fables stories into his own indigenous story, which has been so complex that in my humble opinion its should be re-called in a a precise term, graphic novel. Another to mention, violence includes.

How about the arts? Well, its just awesome. Fables has lots of mouth-watering and inspirational illustrations, besides damn dramatic sequential. There are several great names behind the arts, James Jean,Todd Klein, Mark Buckingham, Jill Thompson and Steve Leialoha. It takes me almost a week to absorb those arts in this comic. Burp!~ I'm totally overloaded haha...nope, I'm hunger for more! The hunt for next series has just begun!

Ignore those grammars.

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