Illustration Friday - Resolve

This week topic is 'resolve'. The first thing that struck into my mind is kamikaze. In Japanese, kamikaze means divine wind. Nowadays the word of Kamikaze has been generally accepted as to symbolize the act of self-sacrifice, determination and men with the nerve of steel, and yet romanticism. Oops, I'm not trying to glorifying the kamikaze nor Imperial Japanese Army and their atrocities in WW2.

Interesting fact that most of the 'volunteer pilot' is actually youth as young as 16 years old, and none was have done proper flight training. It was ironic that most of them crying loud calling their mother on their one-way mission. "It's all a lie that they left filled with braveness and joy, crying, 'Long live the emperor!' They were sheep at a slaughterhouse. Everybody was looking down and tottering. Some were unable to stand up and were carried and pushed into the plane by maintenance soldiers,"-Wiki.

Here I expressed the word 'resolve' as an illustration of a Kamikaze pilot in the last moment of his mission. Recently I'm mad in experimenting with PS filter action, and the result is wal-lah! Four different vintage moods. He he..

Ignore those grammars.


Larry Lee said...

Great expressions. Wonderful comic book style. I think I like the top one best.

ArtSparker said...

You draw very well.

Danyell said...

Very powerful. Great job!