Jawa rawks!

Meet Azizan Talkis in his solo art exhibition debut, -'New Man', at House of MataHati Art Gallery, Ampang. Azizan Talkis is the 4th HOM residency artist, and the exhibition will continue until 18th October 2009. Click here.

Azizan Talkis aka Jawa is one of my best buddies back in the univ years, where he also was consistently being my room mate for 5 semesters. We share the same passion, which is art, off course.

In a simple description, Azizan is an another Leonardo Da Vinci which is trapped in a small Javanese guy's body. He is a fully spirited artist, who really believe his faith on his art. It's true that I still admire him for that.

So hurry up guys, let's visit the exhibition and celebrate our own Malaysian new artist!
Good kickstart,bro!!

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