Faces of Inspideans

From top: Fizree, ... and Paan. Both are my mates in the Layout team. Done in 15 mins.

From top: Liang from Tripura's BG team. Jiro from Toonboom's animation team. Done in 10 mins.

From top: Julius and Shuk from Pre-Pro Team. Aimee from Toonboom's animation team. Done in 10 mins.

Hahaha... hello guys! It's a very long times since I've posted something here. I have a very hectic life before. It's miserable, trying to adapt my new life as an animator yet balancing times between job and personal life. Yeah, anyhow I manage to get through all of this now.

And here I am, ready to give some heavy punches to this blog again! (err.. maybe.) haha...

Nothing new here, just some of my quick sketches of random Inspidean faces. I just luv to draw people around me, especially when I'm bored or feel asleep in the office! haha...

medium: Faber Castell colour pencils on A4 sketch book.

+Listening to: Maria


IdaMandarin said...

Owh good! Anyways, how long does it takes to sketch that? I think u should add that little detail once u've doodled something.
Great job... I kinda like the current tune u're listening to... Kep it up!

yunus said...

salut.. lama ko tak ke udara... busy ka?

Googoozool said...

ya... semestinya bz. sunggoh lama ya?