It's been almost 3 months since I left Inspidea to further my studies in Master in New Media studies. I miss all of the projects, atmosphere, spirit and people there especially the guys in the Pre-Pro and the Layout team. U guys rawks! Forget not, the Jati restaurant which is located behind the office- the most gay-ish mamak ever! hahaha...

In my last day working at Inspidea, we have a small farewell and new year party which is a total awesome! Lots of pizzas and food. My layout team leader Edward Gan has gifted me this awesome sketchbook. The cover was drawn by himself! He also gave his short yet memorable speech; 'I want you to use this sketchbook. Maximize it, full it up with your drawing. Draw everyday. Never stop to draw!". Simple yet inspiring indeed.

Thanks for everything everyone! Let the kid out!*

*(Inspidea tagline).


agent_sesat said...

:) further u study??

GOOD luck~~

Googoozool said...

yep. Thanks..! ;)