Illustration Friday- Winter

Somewhere in Japan

A 'civilization clash' between Japan Snow monkeys and Hibagon!

The snow monkeys are the most northerly non-human primate in the world. They favorite while spending the winter when temperatures drop to below freezing and snow covers their habitat - warming up in the volcanic hot springs. While 'Hibagon' is a mysterious creature equivalent to Yeti and Sasquatch.

I wonder how these species will react if they are meet with each other..

medium: Intuos4 Wacom tablet + Photoshop CS3

Music: Aizat-Sungai Lui


Catherine Luce said...

Wonderful illustration for winter. Love those snow monkeys!

Nimbus said...

hahahah ingatkan ko lukis self potrait tadi ekeke

carbonamonona said...

Really nice.. I like your illustration style.