Nelumbo Nucifera

Sacred Lotus or scientifically nelumbo nucifera

Academic Lesson no.1:
observe and gather your primary data from the subject itself, and don't rely on other easy source of information ( internet off course!). This process is the most crucial criteria to determine whether your research paper is a valid academic research or just a pile of scrap!

medium: charcoal sticks + soft pastels + drawing pen + graphic marker, on boxboard and A3 papers

music: M83-We Own the Sky


shukrin farahdiba @ ceklala said...

lukiskan utk aku sama sebijik mcm yg tu pelis!!

Googoozool said...

ok jek. nak lukis pe? bunga melor ke?hehe

mommy akmal said...

nice artwork bro...bleyh tiru x..hehe
amik kos ape nih??
sgt hebat kot sketch nih..

Googoozool said...

thanks, tapi biasa2 jerr...tak hebat pun. amek New Media, Art & Design.

Nice to meet u :)